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Anti-Spam Campaign - Help Fight Spam

Help fight spam to keep the Internet useful for everyone and to make your own experience on the Internet better.

Purpose of this page

The purpose of this page is to fill the spam bots and their databases with non existing fake email addresses. This action make their databases worthless for reselling or other spam oriented purposes.

How Anti-Spam works?

This page generates 50 random fake email addresses each time it is loaded. Once a spam bot collects all the emails, a link at the bottom will reload the same page for generating more random non-existing emails to feed that bot.

How can I help in fight against spam?

Want to help with the Anti-Spam effort? Add a link to this page on your website and whenever a spam bot scans your page, it will be sucked into this page.

Add the following code to your site
Banner/Button Preview Corresponding HTML Code
Anti Spam
Anti Spam
Anti Spam
Anti Spam

Anti-SPAM email addresses (please ignore these)

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